P.U.N.K. Fest this Weekend in Bangor 

Join The fun in the 9th annual Punks United by a Nintendo Kontest Festival, or P.U.N.K. Fest for short.

The event starts at 2pm, where you can have the chance to sign up for the video game Kontest of the day: PAC-Man!

The festival will be full of live music, with over 17 bands – both local and from out of state – food, art, comedy, and of course, video games!

The Kontest ends at 6pm, where the person with the best score is declared the winner!

The winner will receive a smash the pinata, and will also get a $25 gift card to Game Citadel in Bangor. With bragging rights, of course.

All are welcome to attend, though the event would be best suited for young adult and young at heart.

For more information, you can check out the festival’s Facebook page.