Fitness Friday: Working with SuperSlow Zone on Your Biceps 

In today’s Fitness Friday, we’re one again joined by Lyn Bragdon, an instructor from Superslow Zone.

Instead of pushing through an intense workout as quickly as you can, Lyn says you can actually benefit much more from a workout if you move slower through it. Instead of fitting as many reps into 10 seconds, try focusing on holding one rep for that same amount of time. This method works with any type of exercise!

These exercises can work anywhere – home, work, on the go, anywhere!!

And one benefit in particular for this kind of slow workout – you’ll never be in danger of hurting yourself with too many reps!!

Today, Lyn went over lifting weights and working on your biceps. Instead of pumping the weight as many times as you can, Lyn suggests working on one rep for 10 seconds. If you are strong, you can use a heaver weight. If you are weak, or recently recovering from surgery, you can use something as simple as a soup can.

Lyn also reminds people to take their time when working out – don’t push yourself too hard. That’s the Superslow Zone way!
Superslow Zone is located on 693 Hogan Rd, in Bangor.