School Officials Investigate Gardiner Boy Left on School Bus 

School officials in Gardiner are investigating how a five year old boy was left on a school bus.

According to police, the boy fell asleep.

The driver didn’t realize the young boy was still on board, and parked the bus at the end of their shift.

The boy was later spotted wandering along busy Route 201.

Police picked the boy up and took him home.

“Policy is very clear that our bus driver handbook says at the end of every run you do a bus check which includes walking to the back of the bus and checking to make sure students are not on it.” Says MSAD 11-14 Superintendent Pat Hopkins.

“What if he would have got hit, or these days somebody just could have snatched him up.” Says Kelly Legasse of Gardiner.

The superintendent says thanks to the intervention of that good samaritan and the police officer, the boy made it home safely.