Elton John Super Fans Wait In Line for Hours For Tickets 

More than 100 Elton John fans lined up in Brewer this morning to get tickets to his concert this fall in Bangor.

Some people waited in line since 11 last night outside Mark’s Music.

According to fans in line, Ticketmaster wasn’t working for online sales.

Many people were upset at the Cross Center that’s holding a large event today, for not opening it’s box office for such a big ticket sale.

Still, local fans are determined to see Elton.

Matthew Adams says, “We drove by at 8:00 and saw the line was already forming so we might as well start waiting in line. So, my pregnant wife of 7 months started waiting in line. I grabbed camp chairs and coffee so we’ve been camping out and hoping for the best. This is probably going to be one of the only opportunities that we have to go see him in concert especially locally, this close, so why not? It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

The Elton John concert is scheduled for Saturday, November 18th.

Another show will be in Portland the night before.