Volunteers Finishing Up Big Build in Cherryfield UPDATED

It’s a summer tradition for Maine Seacoast Mission – building and rehabbing homes for the less fortunate. Now their own building is getting a makeover.

Connecticut-based volunteers are in Cherryfield finishing off phase three of construction, a new addition to the Mission’s Weald Bethel Community Center.


For a project happening at a place meaning ‘sanctuary in the forest,’ it sure lives up to its name.

“Definitely God called us. I believe firmly.”

“Top of line volunteer. Thank God we have him.”

Lee Watrous says he’s done working.

“I am retired. A couple of times. Most everybody here is retired a couple of times.”

Yet it’s the third time he and his Connecticut-based team have been in Cherryfield to build.

“There’s a lot of old men’s clubs that you could go join and sit around and play cards and do that. We prefer to do this kind of stuff.”

They’re there to help Maine Seacoast Mission. The Mission’s own building will be able to house more volunteers for their summer housing rehab program for families that need a hand up.

“They’re elderly, there’s single moms. They’re right across the board.”

For Lee, any volunteer job like this is a calling that lets you climb a little closer to God.

The Mission still needs $160,000 to complete the last phase.

Visit this website or call 288-5097 to donate.