Pittsfield Job Fair Offers Community Opportunity 

Opportunity knocked for anyone listening in Pittsfield on Wednesday.

The 10th Annual Regional Job and Resource Fair was held at Warsaw Middle School.

There were more than 50 potential employer booths with hundreds of jobs available.

Now a decade strong, organizers say it’s come to be something that people rely on.

For those looking for work or those looking to hire it’s all about efficiency.

“Even if you’re looking for a different type of job, or you’re unemployed, you just don’t have the time or the ability to go around to all these different locations” said Pittsfield Town Manager Kathryn Ruth.  “All the information is right here. And the employers and staffing agencies really like it because rather than just get applications they get to see the people.”
“You get to meet people from all walks of life with different skill sets and also other employers as well” said Human Resources Manager of MDC Communities, Erica Hill.  “Sometimes your rolls align with other employers so it’s just great to see what else is out there in the state and how we can all work together.”

Anyone who missed the event can visit the Pittsfield Economic Development Center where all of the information from the job fair will be available.