Wardens Give Advice on Nuisance Bears 

The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is getting calls about nuisance bears.

Wardens say the animals are coming out of hibernation and are looking for food wherever they can find it.

The best way to avoid encounters with black bears is to remove or secure bird seed feeders, garbage, grills,l as well as livestock and pet food.

Bears will go where the easy meal is.

“But if you don’t have anything out there to begin with, they’ll leave you alone, they’ll just be passing through…but if they get something, rather you have garbage cans or dumpsters or bird feeders, they’re going to return and there’s no easy way of getting rid of them once they’ve established some sort of feeding.” Says Game Warden Alan Dudley.

Dudley adds complaints often come from highly populated areas because there are multiple houses close together.