Employees Speak Out About Fraud Allegations, Closure of Agency 

A social service agency in Augusta closed suddenly last week, leaving hundreds of clients without care.

The state says it found evidence of fraud, shutting Fullcircle Supports’ doors immediately.

TV5’s Brenna Kelly found out some employees are still checking up on their clients for free.


Three hundred clients living with mental illness are now all without daily support.

“When the Attorney General’s Office showed up, I knew something was up,” said one former Fullcircle Supports Inc. employee who wanted to remain anonymous.

It’s been a week since Fullcircle Supports Inc. was shut down by the state.

In an email from the Department of Health and Human Services, a spokesperson says they acted on “credible allegations of fraud.”

One former employee says he believes one of the owners committed fraud.

“Some of the paperwork that she said was required when the state wasn’t requiring them…so it was billing the state to complete documents that didn’t need to be completed,” said another former employee.

Most former employees asked to remain anonymous as they’re looking for new jobs.

But on Monday morning when they received a text to come in regarding “positive changes,” they never expected that meeting would end in unemployment.

“Honestly, I thought maybe we were all getting a raise. So when I went in Tuesday I was in complete shock. Never expected that to happen,” said a third former employee.

Owners also sent their 82 employees this letter, saying Fullcircle is going in a new direction and collaborating with a Waterville-based agency.

TV5 hasn’t been able to confirm that partnership.

The letter says many employees could be working again by Friday or Monday – today – at the latest.

“I feel let down, you know. I worked there for a little over three years. I loved my boss. I loved my coworkers…if she had known, it would have been beneficial to let everyone know,” said Cassandra Goodridge, a former employee.

“They did say we were gonna get paid. I just keep checking to see if that’s happened. No luck so far.”

“I feel like it’s what needs to be done and I’m glad that light has been shone on it.”

TV5 has reached out to one of the owners who says she wishes her employees the best.

The Attorney General’s Office had no comment.