Women Lock and Load at Ladies Only Shooting Day in Canaan 

Ladies locked and loaded at a ladies only shooting day in Canaan today.

Women were invited out to Silverton Sporting Ranch to learn shotgun and handgun basics.

They spent time on the five stand learning to break clays and on the pistol range hitting targets.

The owner says it’s a chance for women to learn how to properly handle a fire arm and if need be protect themselves.

Denise Murchison, Owner of Silverton Sporting Ranch says, “There are often times they’re offered a fire arm that’s too big for them, too small for them more, you know, and not proper instruction So, I really, women can be very very good tutors, and have a desire, especially now, for more defense. You know, home defense, self defense opportunities. So, we wanna give them the right way to get them started.”

Denise Stetkis, a participant says, “”We were broken into I think it was five years ago, and I don’t know who they were. They never ended up catching who they were. So, I just feel that it’s important that we feel safe at home too if somebody ever decides they wanna try and break into our house.”

Owners say they plan to offer the event again in the future.