Big Brew Day 

Interesting fact – in 1988, May 7 was announced as National Homebrew Day.

So what other way to celebrate the holiday than with an afternoon of brewing?

The Home Brewers of Greater Bangor and Central Street Farmhouse hosted their annual Big Brew.

People could come by and learn how to homebrew or pick up some tips from local brewers, and of course there were plenty of different brews to try.

Organizers say the event is a chance for the public to learn a little more about the homebrewing craft.

“I think that home brewers are really social in general, and so you can come by and just talk to home brewers about their product or anything else, and craft beer, and we’re always having a good time too even when the weather is not really forgiving for us,” said Gavin Robinson, the Big Brew Day organizer.