Women in the Blogging World – Part 1 

Every day millions of people go online and share with the world their thoughts, opinions and experiences…Blogging has exploded in the last decade.

And a majority of bloggers are women.

Market research company eMarketer says more than 4 million women who blog are moms.

Some focus on parenthood – others on completely different topics.

For one mom in Hermon, starting a blog was a way to reach out to others like her.

Three kids plus one dog can easily equal chaos.

It’s an equation Lauren Cormier lives with – and loves.

For the last five years, she’s put it out there for everyone else to see, too, in her blog, Oh, Honestly.

“When I was pregnant with Annalise, and the two boys were three and one, I felt like I was failing at everything. The house was always a mess and I was pretty grumpy. I’d look around other people and moms, especially, and it seemed like they all had things pretty well together and I did not.”

Then she unexpectedly showed up at a friend’s house – that was also a mess.

“It was a relief to see her like that and it was kind of my epiphany moment. There are probably other women who feel the same way as me and need to know there are other moms out there who don’t have it all together and don’t have Pinterest perfect lives that we see online.”

So Cormier decided to start writing about her not-so Pinterest perfect life.

And found that other people liked to read about, too.

“It was kind of my release. Having three young kids and being home with them all the time, it kind of became my thing.”

Since then, it’s grown into much more.

“It’s a community, especially on the Facebook page. I’ve gotten to know the people who follow the blog and I’ve got to know the bloggers.”

Cormier’s also figured out it takes more than just a love of writing to be a successful blogger.

She’s learned everything from social media presence to how to be a bit of a techie.

She’s branched out into freelance blogging, too, and even published an e-book about how to write letters to your kids.

Cormier says she’s now working on a way to turn her passion into something that can provide for her family on a regular basis.

And she wants to make sure she always holds on to what got her started – a chance to connect with other moms, while living out her childhood dream.

“I love how it’s kind of come full circle and I’m back doing the thing that I wanted to do as a kid, and I just think it’s neat how it’s kind of evolved. And I’m excited to see what comes up in the future.”

In Part 2 of Women in the Blogging World, we’ll met a couple of other local women who’ve made successful careers out of blogging.

And put much more work into it than you might imagine.

We’ll also find out about a new college class aimed at the next generation of bloggers.