Proposed Bill Requires Presidential Candidates to Disclose Tax Returns for Maine Ballot 

There is a bill going through Augusta to require presidential candidates to disclose five years of tax returns in order to get on ballots in Maine.

There are already state requirements for presidential candidates to get on Maine ballots and those requirements involve gathering signatures or being nominated at a party convention.

President Trump is the first president or presidential candidate in four decades to not voluntarily release his tax returns. The sponsor of the bill said this is not about Trump; it’s about transparency.

“It’s not about what happened in the past election, although that was an experience that we all learned from, but this is about what happens next. I’m willing, even, to postpone it until the current president is out of office and can’t run again.” Says Rep. Seth Berry of Bowdinham.

Berry says he’s not aware of any other states with requirements like the one he’s proposing in Maine, but said nearly 30 states are considering making changes.