New Bill Makes Reporting Immigration Violations Easier for Authorities 

Maine lawmakers are working on a bill to make it easier for authorities to report immigration violations to the feds.

Members of the ACLU of Maine organized a rally outside the state house in protest of the proposal.

The bill would allow police to report illegal immigrants only after arrests for other crimes.

Advocates are worried this would allow officers to stop and search without probable cause.

“It encourages racial profiling. It potentially violates the Fourth Amendment. These are really wrong directions for the State of Maine, and LD 366 should fail.” Says ACLU member Alison Beyea.

“I trust that the local police know how to do their jobs. They know what probable cause is. They aren’t going to be randomly targeting people because of their appearance. I have more confidence, I guess, in the local police here in Maine than the ACLU does.” Says Rep. Larry Lockman of Amherst.

Similar legislative efforts in the past have failed.

The ACLU said they want to make sure there is a loud and public push against this idea this time around.