Governor LePage Says Maine Needs to Lower Industrial Energy Costs 

Maine has the lowest industrial energy costs in New England, at just over nine cents per kilowatt hour.

But Governor LePage says because Maine is an exporter of energy, our state is also competing with midwestern states who have lower energy costs.

He’s considering a measure to cap the rates for industrial users at seven cents per kilowatt hour.

He says the high cost of energy in Maine is keeping new businesses from starting up here and is driving jobs out of state.

He also criticized the wind and solar industries in Maine saying they’re too heavily subsidized.

“I’m agnostic to technology. I’m about lowering the cost without harming the environment. It’s so simple. It’s a very simple policy,” said LePage.

The Republican House Minority Leader released a statement Thursday saying he’s looking forward to working with the governor to address this issue.

It’s unclear at this time what sort of support LePage can gain from the legislature or if he will draft the bill.