Fairfield Man Allegedly Shoots Ex-Girlfriend, Victim’s Mother Intervenes With Baseball Bat 

A Fairfield man is accused of breaking into a house in Oakland last night and shooting his ex-girlfriend.

The victim’s mother intervened using a baseball bat and with the help of a neighbor and police, subdued the suspect.

It happened around 8:30 Wednesday night at the home of the victim’s mother on Oak street in Oakland.

The victim was transported to an Augusta hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

“We had a safety plan in motion and my son had made a bat in ninth grade and I had it in the car.”

Roseanna Caret says her 33-year-old daughter moved in with her, and her mother May, weeks ago to escape her alleged abusive relationship with 36-year-old Jeremy Clement, with whom she has a young son.

“He said that if he wasn’t going to have her, then nobody else was,” said Roseanna.

Caret, her daughter, and her mother, had allegedly received more than a dozen calls from Clement Wednesday night, and even asked their neighbor to watch their house in case Clement were to arrive.

“It wasn’t five minutes later- my wife heard it, I didn’t hear it, he came down on a four-wheeler,” said David Grant, neighbor.

“And he came barging right in and broke the door right in,” said May, the victim’s grandmother.

Police say Clement kicked the door in and attacked the victim.

“A victim was shot in the shoulder. The suspect was injured as well and one other person was injured and they were transported to the hospital. The suspect was arrested and is in jail,” said Michael Tracy, Oakland Police Chief.

The other person who was injured was Roseanna who says she attacked Clement with the bat when he refused to leave.

“He shot her in her shoulder and then we wrestled some more, and then I kept on hitting him with that bat,” said Roseanna.

“We heard screaming and I heard what I thought was glass breaking. So I ran out and said, ‘it’s going down.’ And then the police were coming but they stopped down the road and I said, ‘No, up here.’ So they came up and that’s when (the victim) came out to me, the girl that got shot, and said, ‘help me, David.’ She was covered in blood so I asked, ‘where’d you get shot?’ And she said right here. She had her hand on this side,” said Grant, pointing to his right shoulder.

“I had blood in my eyes because we were wrestling around and I finally got my bearings together and I found that bat again. And I just kept on swinging,” said Roseanna.

Witnesses say police subdued Clement with a taser, handcuffed him, and put him in the back of a police cruiser where he tried to kick out a window.

“When Rosie rapped on the door and said, ‘Ma, let me in-‘ oh my god, I went all to pieces then because she was covered right from the head with blood all over,” said May.

Roseanna wanted to share her daughter’s story to inspire women in similar situations to get the help they need to prevent another violent altercation like this.

“Needless to say this is the end result, and I’m pushing charges and I hope he gets what he deserves. Enough is enough already,” said Roseanna.

Jeremy Clement is charged with elevated aggravated assault and burglary.

Police are still investigating the incident.