Brewer Delays Track and Field Meet for Athletes to Attend Classmate’s Memorial 

The high school outdoor track and field season started up today and it was more than just a meet for the team at Brewer high.

The track and field season delayed by an hour so the kids on the Brewer team could attend the memorial service for junior Nicholas Tracy of Holden.

In a close community, like Brewer schools, the loss is felt by everyone.

“I mean, it’s definitely in the back of all of our minds. That is the thing about Brewer, we can hang in there even when something like that tragic happens,” says Brewer junior Jon Donnelly, “Of course we all do miss him, can’t move past that.”

“With spring break and everything I haven’t been able to talk to that many people. The track people are all very sad,” says Brewer sophomore Maria Low, “We wore red ribbons and red today because it was Nick’s favorite color. Even if you didn’t know him personally, it’s still really hard to hear. We’re just trying to help each other out and get through it. Sometimes it helps to work out and stuff. It helps get your mind off of it.”