Thomas College Professor Teaches Educational Gaming 

An education professor at Thomas College is taking teaching to a new level.


Each generation has a different definition of fun.

“It’s kind of like what happened with rock and roll. It’s something that the kids at the time really wanted,” said Ted Prawat, a new education professor at Thomas College.

In the 50s, it was guitars…

Fast forward to today.

“Students want to create games,” Prawat said.

Technology is the music to their ears.

Fun for this generation is gaming, technology, anything on the computer.

“It’s phenomenal,” said Meghan Raymond, a Thomas College sophomore in his class.

Prawat is teaching how video games can be a learning tool.

“Education is gonna have to come up with unique ways of engaging students and we want to do it in a powerful way,” he said.

But to keep them motivated will take more than a few guitar riffs…Prawat is involved with his students because he knows these are the teachers of tomorrow.

“Get to really know your students. You have to learn how they think, how they really think about the world,” he said.

And today they think: technology rules.