Senators Collins and King Comment on Bombing Afghanistan 

Last week, the United States dropped what the military is calling the “mother of all bombs” on ISIS targets in Afghanistan.

We caught up with Sen. Susan Collins Wednesday who says the military response was appropriate.

“It appears that very large bomb that was dropped in Afghanistan did take out a whole network of caves that Al Qaeda and other Islamic extremists were using to disrupt the government in Afghanistan, to terrorize the population, and to put our remaining troops in jeopardy,” she said.

We also spoke to Sen. King, who is delivering a lecture at Colby College Wednesday on U.S. foreign policy.

Sen. King told us, “No war has ever been won by air power alone. We’ve got to be careful that we can’t rely on that because one of the problems is collateral damage. If you kill five terrorists, but twenty civilians, you may have created another 20 or 30 terrorists. So that’s a calculation that we really have to make. We can’t not defend our vital interests, but we also have to be understanding what the long term implications are in terms of our ability to deal with terrorism, to deal with rogue states like Iran and like North Korea.”

The senator says he has not yet received a full intelligence report of what was achieved with the recent bombing in Afghanistan.