Seafood Company in Portland Offers Fair Trade Certification 

Fair trade means the product is harvested sustainably, and workers are treated fairly in the process.

Bristol Seafood in Portland is the first in the country to offer that certification on American seafood.

Their fair trade scallops will be sold pre-packaged at some Hannaford stores.

According to their president and CEO, the fair trade process goes beyond even the strict standards of stage agencies.

The system also allows fishermen to see the benefits of the fair trade sales.

“and on top of that, a percentage of all the sales from this fair trade item, are gonna go into a fund which the fishermen themselves decide how to disperse.” Says Peter Handy, President and CEO of Bristol Seafood.

And fair trade comes at a cost. The company had to pay for dozens of interviews with people all along the production line – to ensure the conditions met their standards.

Bristol has already begun working on making other products fair trade certified.