Silhouette Project Unveiled at USM Lewiston Auburn Campus 

Everyday in America, nearly two dozen veterans take their own lives.

Staggering numbers one woman says doesn’t get enough attention.

Linda LaJoie started the Silhouette Project; a traveling exhibit featuring 22 veterans who have committed suicide — including her son Dustin — unveiled yesterday at USM’s Lewiston Auburn campus.

Veterans and family of those lost gathered to share stories of loved ones, discuss the need to do more to help those returning from the service, and encouraging vets to ask for help.

” I just urge them to go get the help and reach out for the support they need and it’s not a weakness reach out to another vet, and if you have a buddy that’s struggling reach out to them call somebody. get help because it happens unfortunately.” Says Linda LaJoie, the Mother of a Veteran and creator of the exhibit.

The project will be displayed for six weeks at USM, then will move on throughout the state.