Big Gig Season Finale Pitch-Off 

Up and coming business minds with a chance to give their ideas a major boost Tuesday night in Orono.

It was the Big Gig Season Finale Pitch Off.

The Big Gig is a competition where local entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas or early stage companies to a panel of judges who select a winner.

The season finale featured the winners of the season’s four previous pitch offs; all competing for the Grand Prize of $1,500.

The ideas ranged from eco-friendly wood fiber insulation to an Iron Chef meets Paint Night cooking business.

“The business community and the start up culture in Bangor and Orono is so great” said Maddie Purcell a Big Gig Pitcher.  “I wouldn’t have had anyway into it without this opportunity to come talk about my idea, meet other people, other entrepreneurs who are starting things up. Also, the support system of people to help make that happen.”
“We’re really trying to support entrepreneurs in our community and encourage even more people who might be thinking about starting a business someday to come out and actually try their hand at it and get some support from our community” said Organizer Renee Kelly.
The winner was Joshua Henry with GO Lab Inc., an R&D company with that eco-friendly, wood fiber insulation product.