Made in Maine Necklaces Adorn Hollywood Stars 

As co-owner of Spectacular Event Center in Bangor, Jane Arey is a busy woman coordinating events and catering.

But it’s her side hobby of making jewelry that’s about to take center stage in Beverly Hills.

Joy Hollowell tells us more.

Jane Arey loves fabric.

“I have knit my entire life,” she says.

About five years ago, Arey began experimenting with various colors and textures of threads.

“It started out as a belt first, a scarf and a belt,” she explains. “And then it turned into- OK, what else can I do with this? So then I created the necklace. I have 7 collections from sequined to really shimmery, like this one, to cotton summer. And you can move it, and twist it and wrap it and knot it.”

Two years ago, she started selling her fabric necklaces at craft shows.

“In the middle of December, I get an email saying- Hey, want to know if you’re interested and would like to have your necklaces in our Golden Globes and MTV gifting event programs.”

Arey was convinced it was a scam.

“I did, of course. I’m like- No, how do they even know about little me.”

Turned out the email was legitimate.

“So then I asked her- how did you find out about me? And she goes- Jane, I didn’t find you. My PR people found you and they brought me your name and number and said- you need to call her.”

Arey was asked to make gold and black necklaces, for the Golden Globes gifting event in January.

“I needed 125 necklaces because of the guest list,” Arey explains.

Her necklaces ended up being worn by some of Hollywood’s actresses including Sarah Rue.

Later this week, Arey flies out to Los Angeles, to personally adorn stars with her jewelry at the MTV Movie Awards Secret Room Gifting Suite. The same promoter of the Golden Globes gifting event hosts this as well.

“It will be media people, the producers, actors, actresses, everybody kind of involved with it,” says Arey. “And they will, upon arrival, get one of my necklaces.”

Arey admits it’s been an unexpected whirlwind few months. But she firmly believes the stars are lining up, in more ways than one.

“When you’re showing your passion and love of what you’re enjoying and doing, the universe just starts moving things around and putting people in place and here you go.”
If you’d like more information on Jane Arey’s fabric necklaces, you can log onto her website,