Pot Regulations Discussed at Bangor City Council Meeting 

The city of Bangor is another step closer to regulating marijuana.

On Monday night, people spoke out mostly against the idea that the city would have complete control over pot sales.

Councilor Joe Baldacci says the move would help bring in money to fund other government services and make for safer transactions.

He says two big issues remain: whether or not they’ll allow retail stores and social clubs in Bangor.

One woman TV5 spoke with says she wants to have a choice.

“Some folks might want to go to a heavy metal, rock and roll biker bar and they should have that choice. We don’t need to have the cameras and monitors everywhere we go. We need to be responsible adults,” said Teresa Montague, a supporter of recreational marijuana.

“I see the best way to go forward as having the city and state and entrepreneurs together to figure out the best way to ensure that the cannabis is responsibly consumed in Maine,” said Paul McCarrier, president of Legalize Maine.

Councilors made it clear these issues are ongoing and nothing is being proposed yet.