Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring 

Spring has sprung.

Melissa Higgins, of Sprague’s Nursery says, “Today is the first day of Spring. We’re hoping that there’s no more snow. We’re hoping to get some melting conditions.”

But what makes Spring, Spring?

Scott Mitchell, Assistant Director of EMERA Astronomy Center says, “The first day of Spring in Astronomy what we call the Vernal Equinox. It’s when the sun crosses the celestial equator and here in Maine it rose due East and is going set due West tonight. The actual crossing the celestial equator was at 6:30 this morning.”

For all of us that aren’t exactly sure what all that means, Mitchell says, “Today is the only day where the day and night are equal in length. So, after today, days are going to be longer than nights and they will continue to get longer and longer and longer until the end of June.”

While our daylight is getting longer, it still doesn’t quite feel like Spring. Mitchell says, “At our latitude being so far North, it takes us a good long time to warm up.”

It’s a little too cold to start planting flowers, but that hasn’t stopped Higgins from getting into the Spring Spirit. She says, “Today is beautiful and in the 40’s. We’ve been working outside today getting our Spring decor in. Obviously we’ve got lots of bulbs here. So, we’re encouraging people to come in and celebrate Spring for sure.”

And though it’s still chilly outside, people were out and about enjoying the first day of Spring.