Former Caisson Horse Retires to Columbia Falls 

This is Peter. He has just moved in to his new home in Columbia Falls. Before coming to Maine, Peter had quite the military career as a Caisson Horse.

“He is 25 years old, has about 16 years of service, and in that time, Peter actually pulled for over 6000 funerals. So he’s had a very honored history.”

Peter formerly served with the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment, The Old Guard. He spent his time at Arlington National Cemetery and also completed many other missions.

“Peter actually was the lead flag horse in the second Obama inauguration and he is one of only two animals to have citation from the Army for service.”

The horse was adopted by Karen and Morrill Worcester, founders of Wreaths Across America. At 25 years old, Peter’s tenure with the Army is much longer than is typically expected. The length of his stay is a testament to his character.

“They left him in service because he was a great teacher. He’s taught a lot of young men and women how to ride and his personality was that and he was very respectful always.”

Now that he is in retirement, Peter will spend the rest of his day serving as an ambassador to his owners’ organization, and will serve as a lesson for visitors.

“What we’re happy about is to have the opportunity to have kids come and meet Peter and then we get to tell them about the Old Guard and about the service about those men and women down there.”

And of course, Peter will get a well deserved chance to kickback, and enjoy his new home.

“When you talk to the people that served with these animals, you get just how much respect there is there. It’s a special thing to see and he’s a special horse. He’s earned his day of rest and he’s going to be pretty loved on here.”

The Worcester will be holding an Open House to meet Peter on Friday from 1:00-4:00. The location is “Dun Dreamin Farm” at 400 Centerville Road in Columbia Falls.