Challenger Science: Getting Ready for April Fool’s Day 


In today’s Challenger segment, we started getting ready for April Fool’s Day with this cool, and wet, “no leak bottle” trick! You’ll need:

  • an empty clear plastic bottle with a screw-on cap
  • water
  • a thumbtack
  • permanent marker

First, use a thumbtack and poke many tiny holes around the
lower half of the empty clear plastic bottle. Next, in bold letters write, “DO NOT OPEN” on the face of
the bottle, creating irresistible temptation. Fill the bottle with as much water as you can and screw on
the cap. Even with all the holes punched into the bottle, the water will stay in the bottle once the cap is
on tight. Leave the bottle in a highly visible place, like a kitchen counter, where someone will be
tempted to open the bottle that clearly warns, “DO NOT OPEN.” When they unscrew the cap, water will
come pouring out of the holes! The only way to stop the water that is now making a wet mess will be to
screw the cap back on! A fun science prank!

Gravity and air pressure work together to make this experiment such a fun trick. Even with the tiny
holes, air pressure needs to work as a team with gravity to force the water downward. Once the cap is
removed, the inward air-pressure force is overcome by the combination of the entering air and gravity
working together. The result is water squirting from the tiny holes and surprising the friend who
couldn’t resist the temptation of “DO NOT OPEN.”


What’s happening next at Challenger?

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