BARN Reaching out to Community 

The Bangor Area Recovery Network – or BARN – is looking to the community for help.

They asked officials from health, law enforcement, and political sectors to join them Friday for a legislative luncheon to get the word out about they’re doing in the community.

“We feel as though we have one of the most productive recovery programs in the state and we want to build upon that,” said Jerry Goss, a BARN board member.

The Bangor Area Recovery Network, or BARN, holds more than 100 recovery meetings a month.

In turn, they’re helping thousands of people each year.

“Sustained recovery is healthy. It makes for a bright vibrant society and it really will help us with underlying problems,” said Chris Martin, Brewer’s Deputy Chief of Police.

Since their inception in 2008, BARN has been run strictly by volunteers, operating without any state or federal funding.

Board members say they’ve reached a point where private donations are just not enough.

“I think that if they could hear from different sectors of the public as to why it’s important, I think that will raise the visibility,” said Patty Hamilton, director of Bangor Public Health and Community Services.

“Because if we don’t move forward, moving back only creates more problems and for me, that’s unacceptable,” said Goss.

As BARN grows, board members say they’d use additional money for a director of the program.