Healthy Acadia- Cancer Patient Navigators 

Healthy Acadia and Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center, with funding support from the Maine Cancer Foundation (MCF), has contracted two Cancer Patient Navigators help patients navigate the healthcare and social service systems and community resources to access appropriate diagnostic, treatment, recovery, support, and financial services.

Funded through MCF’s Challenge Cancer 2020 Initiative to reduce cancer rates by 20%, the project will address many of the significant health challenges faced by community members including high incidence of cancer, high mortality rates, and limited access to care.

Downeast cancer patient navigators work directly with patients and healthcare providers throughout Washington County to develop and employ a patient-centered navigation system in Washington County that ensures that each patient’s healthcare and psycho-social needs are appropriately and effectively addressed.

Cancer patient navigators bring extensive experience in navigating complex healthcare management systems and can guide cancer patients and their families through every step of the cancer journey.

They offer a compassionate and dependable system of support to help facilitate timely access to quality healthcare, empowering patients to be in control of their healthcare and other aspects of their lives, thereby improving patient outcomes and reducing mortality.

For more information, email Angela Fochesato or Marianne Moore or call 255-3741.