Snow Plow Workers Find Family at Manufacturing Plant 

“When I was younger, I knew what plows were, but I had no idea so much went into a plow,” said Danté Marr, a powder coater for Fisher Snow Plows.

And most people may not. Hundreds of employees work for Fisher Engineering in an environment so loud, they’re required to wear ear plugs.

But employees don’t have to hear. They practically fall right into the Fisher family.

“Some are like your favorite uncle and some are like that obscure cousin that you never see,” said Debby Ames, an assembler on the floor.

“I’ve been here 18 years and I have to say a lot of it’s just because of the people I work with,” said Marr.

The majority of workers have their hands in metal all day – not a stranger to the soldering, or the powder process.

The job is one of pride.

“I’ve actually gone up to plows in parking lots just to see if I could tell in any way you know and it looked good so it could have been any of us,” said Marr.

“Is your first reaction like, ‘Did I build that are my hands in it?'” said TV5 reporter Brenna Kelly.

“Definitely, definitely. That’s the first thing, I think,” said Ames.

So the next time you see a yellow plow – chances are it was made by the hands of local workers on the coast who had fun doing it, too.