Fairfield Family Loses Home & 2 Pets in Fire; 2 Dogs Rescued 

A Fairfield family lost their home Thursday morning when a heater designed to dry out hockey equipment sparked a fire in a bedroom.

While no one was injured, a couple of family pets died in the blaze.

“An accidental fire- there was a heater in a bedroom. It was a heater designed to dry out hockey equipment, hockey uniforms- and the son was doing that, went to take a shower, and came back and the room was fully involved in fire,” said Duane Bickford, Fairfiled’s Fire Chief.

Crews from several towns responded to the home on Ohio Hill Road around 8-30 in the morning.

When a family member and neighbor reported flames inside the home, the Fairfield Fire Department called for a Public Works crew to clear the snow near the closest fire hydrant.

“The water is quite a ways back off the hydrant and there is a little difficulty getting around the home in the deep snow,” said Chief Bickford.

We’re told the home was equipped with working smoke detectors.

“Everybody made it out and there’s no injuries, no firefighter injuries. One cat had to be euthanized. They had three dogs,” said Chief Bickford.

While two of the dogs were rescued, one was reported to have died in the fire. Emergency crews managed to salvage some family possessions from the rubble of the home.

“We pulled out some firearms, a couple of dressers,” said Chief Bickford.

Because the fire has been ruled accidental, the fire marshal’s office will not investigate.