Local Shop Donates Subs to First Responders Fighting Fire 

While crews were battling the blaze, a local pizza shop stepped in to keep firefighters fed.

They donated more than 100 subs to the men and women on scene, but it’s how they did it that’s impressive.

Picture this. Staff at Al’s Pizza in Skowhegan are tasked with making sandwiches for six fire departments battling a blaze in the area.

But there’s one problem.

“A firefighter had come in from the Norridgewock Fire Department and had asked us if there was any way we could make some food for them. I said yes, we can make some food, but it’s going to have to be cold. We have no power.”

Crews had to shut off power in the area to safely put out the fire on Main Street.

So manager Danica Judkins got creative.

“While we were making his food, he gave us his flashlight to use. We had our cell phones up on the top of the sandwich bar, so we could see. We were just making it all by flashlight and our cell phone lights. That’s all we had.”

“Used all the rolls that we had here, anything that we could come up with, and made 100 sandwiches for them in no time flat. I mean, we just kept going.”

But they didn’t stop there.

“We emptied our bakery case, all of our baked goods that we had, gave that to them.”

Judkins and her staff prepared the large order free of charge. They just wanted to make sure all the crews were fed.

“To see his reaction when we said ‘you know this is all donated, we’re just going to give it to you,’ he doubled right over and said, ‘Oh, thank you so much,’ and he was just very appreciative.”

Skowhegan fire chief Shawn Howard says the kind gesture was overwhelming.

“You know we’re here for the community and it’s just a privilege to serve them when we have so much support.”

“It’s just amazing to see the amount of work that everybody has to do to keep this town moving,” said Chad Partridge, owner of Al’s Pizza. “And we’re just a little part of that.”

Power was restored and they’re back to making their signature sandwiches and pizza.

We’re told other restaurants in the area also chipped in.