Healthy Living: Oakland Fitness and Nutrition 

It’s now four weeks into the New Year, and some of us may be feeling…less committed.

You start out great, working the “New Year, New Me” thought process, and then you fall off the wagon. It happens.

Fear not! For there is hope in getting back on the workout routine! Oakland House of Fitness is offering four weeks of beginners classes FOR FREE! These classes are open to everyone in the community. And here’s the kicker: No contracts. No catch. If you like the classes, then keep on going to them. If you want to try and do something on your own again, that’s okay too. You can start the four weeks when you want to!

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, you’ll be working on body-weight conditioning, core strength, and focusing on flexibility with Lauren and Josh.

The crew at the House of Fitness believes in a healthier community and realize a lot of people just need a helping hand to get them started. If you feel a little intimidated about starting a new fitness lifestyle, or feel off track from where your journey began, give Oakland House of Fitness a try!

For more info and a full schedule visit Oakland House of Fitness & Nutrition Facebook Page