Town Officials Working to Bring Back Retailers to Snow Bowl 

Taylor Kinzler

Following public outcry, the Camden Select Board has voted to ask the Town Manager to bring two area businesses back to Camden Snow Bowl.

A recent zoning board issue bans Brian Beggerly from opening his Cold Toes Taco Stand, and Andrew Daily to open his ski and bike demo tent on the mountain.

Residents gathered in Camden Tuesday night to voice their concerns about that.

Town Manager Pat Finnigan says the process of revising town ordinances takes time, but is confident they’ll find a solution.

“The select board did direct staff to work with the town attorney to see if there was any way to have those two businesses on the mountain this year. I think they’re trying to get at, is there a way to do this, within the existing ordinance, that we hadn’t thought of before?”

Finnigan says she was not aware the zoning board had to grant approval for retailers to be on the mountain.