Snow Bowl a No Retail Zone? Camden/Rockland Entrepreneurs Want Answers 

A zoning issue is stopping two businesses in Camden and Rockland from setting up shop at the Camden Snow Bowl.

That has left the owners frustrated and empty handed in the middle of ski season.

A misunderstanding involving the town of Camden and two small business owners is causing controversy on the slopes.

“Signed a concession agreement with the general manager of the Snow Bowl and the manager of the town. Thought we are all good to go and then last Thursday, I got a call that said we’re not allowed to be on the hill.”

The call came as a shock to Camden restaurant owner Brian Beggarly.

He’s been prepping pounds of pork and taco ingredients for weeks.

Now, his food stand will sit empty at the snow bowl.

“We didn’t just decide to do this overnight. We spent the end of the summer and most of the fall working with the manager of the mountain and the manager of the town.”

“We’ve been operating out there for four seasons for three years. With no issues.”

Andrew Dailey got the same call. He owns a Rockland based ski shop and runs demos at the Snow Bowl.

“And you know we’re just trying to get them to honor the contract that they had with us this year. We’ve invested $15,000 in bikes and skis to demo. Had I not had those agreements in place, I wouldn’t of bought that much stuff.”

So who’s to blame for the mix up? Many folks say the town.

But town manager Patricia Finnigan says she was not aware the zoning board had to grant approval for retailers to be on the mountain.

“They would need to have approval through the zoning board of appeals. So it was my mistake that I had given the two businesses the ok to try it out. We’ve encountered a little glitch, but I think that we’re gonna work through it and it will be better in the end.”

Andrew Dailey and Brian Beggarly hope to begin the process of resolving the issue tonight.

Residents have the chance to weigh in at Camden’s selectboard meeting.