Lawmakers Attend First Legislative Children’s Caucus 

State lawmakers attended the first Legislative Children’s Caucus today at the state house.

All members of the legislature were invited to the newly-formed caucus to learn more about the issues surrounding early childhood development.

The bipartisan caucus will serve as a forum to advocate for sound policies affecting Maine children from infancy to age 8.

The hope is to improve access to early childhood education across Maine.

“My hope is that this becomes an institutional caucus and will continue forward. As you know, Maine does have term limits so we’re anxious to make sure that we spread this knowledge with everybody and keep it going year after year,” said Sen. Rebecca Millett, (D) Co-founder of the caucus.

“When I was four years old I didn’t know what a republican or a democrat was but I knew good education when I was receiving it. Our goal is to make sure that education access in this state gets beyond partisanship and is in every district across the state,” said Rep. Matt Pouliot, (R) Co-founder of the caucus.

For their first meeting, the caucus heard from an economist from the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis on the potential return on investments in early childhood education.