‘Domestic Violence Awareness Day’ Highlights Available Resources 

The Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence held their annual Domestic Violence Awareness Day at the state house.

The annual event’s focus this year was offender accountability.

Republicans and democrats have come forward to support bills that would expand access to Batterer Intervention Programs.

Other bipartisan efforts include increasing penalties for repeated violations of protection from abuse orders.

We’re told 12,000 victims took advantage of the state’s domestic violence resources last year.

“I think it’s so important for us to encourage anyone who is affected by abuse, and it doesn’t have to be physical violence- so much of abuse really is controlling behavior, verbal violence, financial control- to encourage them to get in touch with one of our free, confidential hotlines. It doesn’t hurt to talk to someone,” said Francine Garland Stark, Executive Director of MCEDV.

For more information on available resources, go to WWW.MCEDV.ORG.