One Century Young, One Day Apart 

Two women in Patten are celebrating milestone birthdays – just one day apart.

“Today’s the day. I’m 100 today,” said Therlia St. Germaine.

Two months ago, she decided she was ready for triple digits.

A couple dozen relatives gathered at Mountain Heights Health Care Facility Thursday to celebrate. Therlia’s family says she loves the attention.

“Never like my picture taken, but it’s sure getting taken today, isn’t it?” she said.

The menu: surf and turf.

“Lobster and steak, doesn’t that sound good? It’s not something I would want really often, but it’s nice to have once in a while,” Therlia said.

Living to be 100 – a feat in itself, but how about discovering your roommate is celebrating the same age just one day before you?

“I never knew it till she moved in with me. She’s nice,” Therlia said.

“Today still doesn’t mean anything. What do you mean I’m 100? So what? I’m not doing anything different than I have done,” said Genevieve Forky.

The two are having separate celebrations.

“Do you think it’s worth all the whoop de doo?” Genevieve said.

Therlia had slightly different feelings than Genevieve Forky, who seems a little underwhelmed there’s not more people with a century of life under their belt.

“Don’t try and live beyond your years.”

Some life advice for those of us with less experience.