WANTED: Winter Weather Heroes 

The Department of Transportation is looking for snow plow drivers – they have nearly 100 openings.

TV5’s Brenna Kelly took a ride today in Bangor to check out a “day in the life” of a plow driver.

You could call them the unsung heroes of the winter months – and the Department of Transportation needs to hire more.

Michael Cote is a MaineDOT snow driver and on Wednesday afternoon he was 18 hours in, and counting.

As a transportation worker, it’s his job to babysit the roads, as he describes it.

“You’re doing this and you feel like you’re doing something good for folks so that they can make their way and be safe and get to where they need to go without having to be concerned about the road,” Cote said.

“We keep Maine running. We touch every type of business in the state of Maine with what we do,” said Shawn Davis, one of MaineDOT’s transportation resource managers.

Davis says they’re always hiring. It takes a few months to be certified, but plow drivers start at $13.50 per hour.

“It’s not a job or career, it’s a lifestyle for the winter months in the state of Maine,” said Davis.

It’s a delicate balance for snow plow drivers.

“You have to take care of yourself, otherwise you’re not taking care of anybody,” said Cote.


You can visit this website to apply for transportation worker position.