Portland Residents Call for Education Funding Bond 

Parents, students and teachers are sending a message to Portland’s city council: fix our schools!
The group was outside of city hall yesterday, asking councilors to pass a 70 million dollar bond for repairs to four elementary schools in Portland.

They argue it’s been almost 25 years since the city made a major investment in it’s school buildings.

Complaints range from overcrowding, deteriorating infrastructure and hazardous conditions.

“At multiple schools we have students who are learning in closets in mechanical closets custodial closets and in hallways because there’s not adequate space for learning ”

“Because if we don’t have good schools we’re not going to keep families here. And if we don’t have families we don’t have a thriving city that’s what it boils down to
According to the city, if passed, the 70 million dollar bond would cost the average Portland household 12 cents a day