LATEST: 5-Year-Old Thanked for Saving Rockport Man’s Life 

A Rockport man is alive and a five-year-old boy is being thanked for that.

The boy’s family says he woke them up around 3:30 Tuesday morning after seeing a glow, which turned out to be their neighbor’s mobile home burning.

The boy’s father found 64-year-old Bruce Fales lying on his driveway on Vinal St. and helped him into his car to stay warm until an ambulance arrived.

Fales was initially taken to a Rockport hospital with severe smoke inhalation.

Rockport’s fire chief says when crews got on scene, the home was nearly gone.

A steep driveway that hadn’t been cleared of ice leads to the home.

“When we first got there it was glare ice so the first truck was able to make it up. The second truck had difficulty. But we were able to get it in there and our Public Works was able to come out and assist us with putting some sand down. But keeping your driveways clear of ice and snow,” said Rockport Fire Chief Jason Peasley.

The chief says they were able to put it out within an hour.

Fales was transferred to a Portland hospital.

Officials say he’s going to be okay.