Garry Owen House Now Open In Searsmont 

“They provided something for all the American people and now we have to provide for them.”

After lots of fundraising and labor, the Garry Owen Motorcycle Club officially opened its first homeless veteran shelter in Searsmont.

“This house is geared around the veteran that needs the help and can’t get it.”

The house features several bed rooms, full bathroom and a kitchen. The club says 8 veterans will be able to stay comfortably inside.

“This house provides shelter, it provides food, and provides clothing, provides transportation, and it provides opportunities to get back into society and become a normal person.”

People and businesses from all across Maine donated their time and services and make sure the shelter was livable.

It’s amazing the plumbing people, and the painting and people donated beds, how many people really stepped up to help to show these guys that no matter what anybody tells you out there on the street, there are people that actually care, honor your service, and respect what you did.

“Maine has the highest rate of veterans per capita of any state in the nation

When the needs there, it’s surprising how many people from the area and in the state just step in and say ‘you know what I’ll help because they understand or they’ve lost someone.’”

The Garry Owen House will be bringing in occupants immediately, just in time for the holiday season.

“You know, Christmas is a pretty hard time. And just the idea that we’re going to be able to get some of these guys off the street for Christmas and have a place to be, it’s pretty fantastic.”