Penquis December 19, 2016 

Theresa Cucinotti from Penquis stopped by to to talk about the upcoming deadline for Healthcare.

Affordable Healthcare Open Enrollment is November 1 to January 31. The deadline to have coverage in effect by January 1 is extended.

· Navigators are available to assist you with enrollment, help with finding the best plan to suit your needs, help to see if you qualify for a tax credit to help pay for insurance premiums

· If the coverage is a financial hardship, you might qualify for an exemption from the fine for not having coverage

· In a new program called “Connecting Kids to Coverage” we have learned that over 1000 children in Penobscot County alone are eligible for Mainecare (Medicaid) yet they are not receiving Mainecare.

Assistors are available state wide to help these families apply for Mainecare coverage.

For more information contact Penquis at 973-3500 or log on to