Franklin Shriners Welcome in Season with Festival of Trees 

You can get into the Christmas spirit in Franklin this weekend and donate to a good cause at the same time.

Emily Tadlock has more on the Anah Shrine Downeast Festival of Trees.


“All the trees are great here.”

Each unique and with ornaments a little out of the ordinary.

“Every business or group of people that have a tree, they come up with their own theme and that’s what they do, they decorate it. There’s a marine place over there that has tubes and boat supplies. There’s a NAPA tree with a bunch of tools on it. All kinds of different things,” says Jamie Bateau, a Shriner.

Festival of Trees is not new to some Mainers, but this is the first time this area has had one of its own.

“The Bangor fundraiser’s been a great fundraiser for the past few years. It has gotten very large and we thought we could duplicate it with a smaller version in Downeast Maine,” says Bateau.

“People know the area and the place and they’re going to be more likely to come and say, hey I’m going to give this a try because I know my friend sponsored a tree or my hair stylus sponsored a tree or my construction company sponsored a tree. And that’s the beauty of it. It’s hometown,” says Steve Mosely, a Shriner.

This is a fundraiser for the whole family to enjoy.

“You buy a raffle ticket and go along the trees and put it in the bucket for that tree and if that ticket is drawn, you win the tree and everything that’s under it or along with it,” says Bateau.

The money raised from the trees will help the Shriners fund several charities. The local veterans club will benefit too.

“The Vets Club is going to provide food service, so there’ll be lots of baked good and hot foods available for purchase,” says Mosely.

And if you haven’t sent your wishlist, don’t worry. The Big Guy himself will be around to take pictures and last minute requests before Christmas.