Editor of Latest Stephen King Book Talks Path to Publication 

The latest Stephen King book Hearts in Suspension has been on shelves for a little more than a month now.

The book’s editor Jim Bishop gave a talk at the Bangor Public Library Thursday night about the road to publication.

Bishop was King’s professor during his freshman year at the University of Maine.

In addition to editing he also wrote an essay that’s in the book which details what life was like on campus in the late 1960’s.

He talked about getting the world renowned author on board and open to taking part in events like the book launch that was held at the Collins Center for the Arts in November.

Bishop calls it the culmination of years of work.

He said once King turned in his essay it helped him to find the way he needed to approach things.

“It almost had a language of its own and an ethos of its own” Bishop said Thursday night.  “You had to not only get back 50 years and reconstruct 50-year-old memories you had to put yourself back or try to put yourself back into that way of seeing, that way of thinking, that way of speaking, that way of relating.”

Bishop says that the book has been extremely well received and that sales have been solid out of the gate. Still plenty of time for all of you Christmas shoppers.