Organ Donor Gives Veazie Man a Second Chance at Life 

“Hiking and canoeing being active in the outdoors that he would very quickly become out of breath and we just wrote that off for a long time off he’s not in good shape.”

Pat and Kim Donovan have lived in Veazie for nearly 30 years. After some concerning health issues, Pat received news that would change their lives forever.

“In May of 2010 I was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
that’s scar tissue in the lungs that prevents the oxygen you breathe in to reach the blood vessels.”

The only effective treatment for IPF is a double lung transplant, something Pat fought for years to receive. Meanwhile, the symptoms hindered his ability to live a normal life.

“I would be out of breath and coughing just going from the living room into the kitchen or into the bathroom.”

“(I) was hearing him struggle I was seeing him struggle and that was very terrifying at times.”

After finally getting on a waiting list, Pat received a new pair of lungs from an organ donor earlier this year. And although he is recovering quickly, Pat must take precautions with his health, and makes trips to Boston twice a month to partake in clinics.

“Those are life-long medication that he needs to take every day, the lifestyle habits, things like that are life-long.”

Pat’s sister has help set up a fundraiser on Help hope to help pay for medical and travel expenses. For their part, the Donovans say they are thankful for those who sign up to donate organs, and encourage others to do the same.

“Even when things you know do some really bad and really impossible that there’s a greater plan for all of us that we don’t know the answer to.”

If you would like to donate to Pat Donovan, follow this link to