Old Town Animal Orphanage 

Check out WABI Channel 5 News on Tuesdays at 6:40 am to see some of the animals who are ready for adoption at The Animal Orphanage.

The Animal Orphanage is a 501(c) non-profit no-kill rescue shelter located in Old Town, Maine. Incorporated in 1990 by a group of caring and compassionate citizens, the Animal Orphanage is dedicated to the welfare of homeless animals and serves the communities of Old Town and Orono. It is operated with minimal funds received from the town governments, annual fund-raising events and from the generosity of private citizens. The Animal Orphanage does not receive State or Federal funding and operates with a volunteer Shelter Director, two paid employees and many dedicated volunteers.

Each year, hundreds of lost and abandoned animals have found food, shelter, medical treatment and the comfort of a caring staff at the Animal Orphanage. Every effort is made to reunite lost animals with their loving owners or arrange adoption into a new family. The Animal Orphanage strives to counteract the needless euthanasia of unwanted pets by spaying and neutering each animal prior to placement.