Stacyville Patient Surprises Cardiologist for Life Saving Suggestion 

A heartfelt gesture made a Bangor cardiologist’s day Monday.

One of his patients surprised him, thanking him for helping to save his life.

Dr. Alan Wiseman was quite caught off guard at work, but  Carl Hunt, 64, of Stacyville and his daughter, Peggy Hanson, wanted to show him how thankful they are.

“Thank you so much. You saved my daddy,” said Hanson.

“You’re so welcome,” said Dr. Wiseman, a cardiologist at EMMC Northeast Cardiology Associates.

Hunt had a heart attack in July.

“I was aching for a week. I let it go too long,” he said.

“He didn’t realize he had a heart attack,” said Hanson.

“I thought a pulled muscle,” said Hunt.

Because of his delay in getting treatment, Hunt didn’t recover quite as fast.

After surgery, Dr. Wiseman suggested Hunt wear the Zoll Life Vest, which is a wearable defibrillator.

“You say to a lot of guys, hey I want you to wear this funny looking sports bra and they’re like I don’t think so,” said Dr. Wiseman.

“Believe me I thought twice,” said Hunt.

While Hunt admits he didn’t want to wear it, he’s living proof to listen.

Its alarm went off three days later.

“She was with me when the vest went off,” said Hunt, talking about his daughter.

“He was unresponsive and when that think kicked in, it shocked him off the seat of the car,” said Hanson.

She says it brought him back to before emergency crews even got there.

“You know your stuff by sending me home with that vest,” said Hunt.

“It was a lucky call and I’m sure glad we were able to catch it,” said Dr. Wiseman.

“It wasn’t lucky. You know what you were doing,” said Hunt.

“Nobody has a crystal ball and I wanted to play it safe,” said Dr. Wiseman.

We’re told this is the third time in a year this vest in a bag has helped save a local patient’s life.

“(Your) heart function has gotten a lot better,” said Dr. Wiseman to Hunt Monday.

Months later, Hunt has responded well to treatment.

“I’ve got a better heart than most people now. Just because of that Zoll Life Vest,” said Hunt.

And that means, more time to spend with daughter.

Hunt says it’s not just Dr. Wiseman and the life vest.

He wants to make sure we thank the whole team of Eastern Maine Medical Center doctors and nurses that have helped him recover.

To learn more about the life vest, check out their website.