Finance Is Fun: Fall Money Tips 

With expenditures for heat, Christmas presents, electricity, new snow tires, pellets, whatever, having a way to make life great on a budget helps. Here are some ideas.

Cook- Hot summers make indoor cooking unappetizing. But now that there is a chill to the air, cooking is cozy. Save money by cooking several meals on the weekend to use as leftovers for the week. Or get the crockpot going to make convenient and easy dishes for the family. Eating out costs more money than cooking for the family at home. Involve the kids or do it yourself. But there is not just savings, there is a lot of satisfaction in home cooked meals.

Exercise- Hiking, running, walking, biking are much more pleasant in the cool of autumn temps than in summer. Get out with the family for free fun and enjoy the beauty of this amazing state while getting your vitamin D and helping your weight and health. Leaf peeping, hay rides, picking pumpkins are all fun and beautiful activities for every age. And it’s free or very inexpensive.

Weatherproof the house- Now that everyone is on a regular schedule and before the blustery winds of winter, do some weatherproofing of the house. According to an article in This Old House, 15% of heat loss can be prevented by weather-stripping windows and doors. So renew weather strip, check the fit of doors. Prepare for spring now by cleaning gutters and ensuring drains are able to handle runoff.