Window Build Draws Community Together 

A community project in Brooksville is warming more than just houses.

85 volunteers are working together this week to assemble hundreds of storm windows.


For volunteers in Brooksville, it’s not all about the warmth they’ll feel this winter.

“People working together for the common good as opposed to being in opposition to each other. It’s a together experience as opposed to a division. Holy moly,” said Tom Adamo, the project coordinator in Brooksville.

“They started last year and they are going gang busters. I mean, they are one of the strongest community groups that we have,” said Eileen Wilkinson, the Window Dressers Community Build Program Director.

With materials sent by Rockland-based non-profit Window Dressers, volunteers from six towns will assemble hundreds of storm windows by the end of the week.

Organizers say they pay for themselves within a year and can save you 25% on energy costs, but that’s not the only incentive.

“It’s about building community, it’s about lowering heating costs, it’s about lowering your carbon footprint, and it’s about keeping people warm,” said Wilkinson.

Organizers say it’s the sense of community bonding that’s more important than the outcome.

“With all the craziness in the world, this is a piece of sanity,” said Adamo.

After this week, Hancock County will be warmer, but the community is leaving here with one more thing.

“Connectedness: a sense of being able to influence in a positive way, in harmony,” said Adamo.

When it comes to low-income housing, Window Dressers offers ten windows to a household for just $10.

If your community is in need of storm windows and would like to organize a week-long volunteer project, visit this website for more information.