Students Head to Chile for International Competition 

Students from across the country came to Maine this summer to take part in an intensive research course.

Now, they’ll take their projects to an international competition.

150 students applied, only 10 were accepted.

Those students in UMaine’s Forest Bioproducts Research Institute will travel next to Chile.

They’ll discuss sustainable product development and biofuel generation with a panel of judges.

This is professor Doug Gardner’s 5th trip abroad, “I’m so excited to get to Chile, I’ve never been to South America before. We all just worked really hard and got lucky and we’re here and it’s a really good experience that not many people have so we’re really fortunate”

“It’s to get students excited about research as a career because we need scientists to be able to carry on new materials and new products for the future”

The National Science Foundation is funding the trip.

Students will spend six days in Chile and compete against other college students from around the world.